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Skills competition and wisdom competition for the upper reaches - Xinya electronic employee skills competition
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In order to carry forward the "craftsman spirit", adhere to the business philosophy of "manufacturing with ingenuity, pursuing excellence, achieving customers and achieving win-win results", improve the skill level of employees, create a good atmosphere of "competition, learning, catching up, helping and Surpassing" within the company, and cultivate more technical experts and outstanding talents, the company organized an employee skill competition on August 9. The four main workshop departments of the company, including the wire department, the copper wire department, the high frequency department and the plastic department, established 10 teams and participated in five competitions, including grinding and scraping blade printing, cold joint, twist joint, filter screen change and specification change, according to the characteristics and requirements of each workshop.

August is the height of summer. Although all the contestants are sweating, they are still enthusiastic and devote themselves to it regardless of the heat. The atmosphere of the competition was tense and the competition was fierce. During the competition, the players worked hard and calmly. With their housekeeping skills accumulated in their usual work, they operated skillfully, quickly and well. Shi Liujian, director and deputy general manager of the company, Fu Liangjun, manager of production department, Bo LuHong, manager of quality assurance department and other relevant leaders came to the scene to observe and guide, cheer for the contestants and encourage them to go all out to achieve good results. After half a day of fierce competition, a total of 30 contestants won. The company gave the winners bonuses, trophies and souvenirs as encouragement.

This skill competition provides employees with a good opportunity to learn from each other and compete on the same stage, stimulates employees' work enthusiasm, enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, better creates high-quality products for customers and continuously improves the company's brand image.

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